Video Editing and Publishing

Video Content or Course editing for Solopreneurs

What I can help you with

Shooting your video is the major part of the job…

But editing it, and distributing it is the often boring and technically complicated part of it with a whole range of unforeseeable traps.

I’m talking from experience… I’ve been a filmmaker for 15 years =)

I heavily agree with those who say, just publish videos unedited!

But a scenario when you really do need editing can break your mood for posting videos or creating video courses…

When do I recommend hiring me?

  • If you’d like to spend your time elsewhere then on figuring out how to edit videos
  • If you’d like to delegate the publishing part of video creation

What can you hire me for?

  • Editing your video content (even ongoingly if needed)
    • Finetuning the image (brightness, contrast, composition, shaking, etc.)
    • Finetuning audio (hums in the background, noises, pops, reverbs, speed)
    • Editing out mistakes, restarted segments or unneeded parts or pauses
    • Combining multiple takes
    • Adding Title Text(s) (Not subtitles though)
  • Publishing your ongoing video content on Facebook/Instagram/ Youtube/Vimeo/LinkedIn/your website/ etc.
    • Adding preview images
    • Adding text/article that you provide as video description
    • Setting titles
  • Breaking down a long video into digestible chunks
  • Editing and organizing course material recorded on video

Service pricing

I’m still testing for ideal offer sizes – meanwhile – reach out to me for a free test edit of 1 of your content videos under 10 mins 🙂 

How do we work together?

The short version:

  • You send me the original video file
  • I show you the edited version so you can request changes
  • I upload, add title, add description (or automatic transcription), and preview image to your video, and post/schedule it on yt/fb/ig/li/etc.
  • You get the links of posted videos in your email inbox so you can easily check or change things 

Or click here for the detailed version

  • You send me the original video file(/s) and give me short instructions
    • This is all automated and guided with advices
  • I edit, and send you the final version
    • Videos are done almost always within 48 hrs, but if something happens, it’s still never more than 4 days
  • You can reqest changes 1 time
    • You will be provided advice for communicating editing requests too, that might come in handy with your work with other creatives too.
  • I upload your video to the platforms you use with title, text, and preview image
    • You can request changes to the preivew image 1 time too
      or you can provide your own template I should use to stay on brand 🙂
  • If we do this for the first time, you will need to grant me access to these accounts.
    • You will receive advice on how to do this
    • I have a strict policy when it comes to handling other peoples accounts, passwords or my own accounts that have access to other people’s pages
  • For a single video: you pay me when everything is done
  • You can pay securely with a card, through Stripe.
  • If we work a lot together you can pre-purchase discounted packages, detailed below

If you like how all this sounds,

Contact me here!