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Hi, I’m Peter

I help solopreneurs solve their tech-related challenges
and frustrations.

I help them pick, set up, maintain, and problem-solve the tech systems they need for running their businesses online.
Either if they are running it on their own or with their team.

I’ve  been inside more than a 100 solo businesses’ tech end, and I’ve tested hundreds of platforms myself. Although there are no definitive winners in some categories, and there are no perfect platforms out there, here come my top recommendations, that I hope will save you hours/days/months of research and frustration.

So read on here below 👇 or find a little bit more in a littlebit more streamlined way at my  experimental new knowledge bank! 👉

My Recommendations for Websites

Easiest website platforms

  • – You can’t find anything simpler out there that looks also gorgeous. Even with 0 tech skills you can build great websites! This company used to su_k – And for example getting a refund is still a tedious email process, BUT their new website editor is top of the industry! And you can get the basics for an affordable rate – less than what you would typically spend on a wordpress website!

Selfhosted Website Engines


But if you really HAVE TO, here are my recommendations:

  • SitePad – Annoyed by the fact that everything is a workaround in WordPress? SitePad takes what’s good in wordpress, leaves what’s awful combines it with more awesome drag and drop builder tools. Everything is in there that you’d need to build a website, and it’s easier and faster(!) than wordpress! This will run only on hosts that have Softaculous! Ask your hosting provider about it, or use they already have this pre-installed!

  • WordPress visual builder themes I recommend:
    • Beaver Builder – I was unaware of this for a long time, but this is an awesome one! Sure it has some quirks, but it’s still faster and easier than Divi!
    • Divi – I used to love divi, now I’m less and less fan of it, but it is still the industry leading one with great features! Make sure you sign up for a divi-optimized host, otherwise it might run really slowly. Also you can get a lifetime license, which is rarely an option with other engines! I know first-hand that has a plan where Divi is just blazing fast! And Divi’s website has some recommendations and their own offer for this solution!


  •  My go to webhosting company I’ve been with for nearly 10 years now. They shine where others fail – transparent pricing, fast servers, and WORLD CLASS support – they are happy to solve problems for you that even generally should not be their work to do, without expecting you to understand tech jargon!
  • – I did not want to believe how cheap this host is – they have a quite outdated dashboard but the services they provide are fast! And you basically can’t beat their prices.
  • – this has the most user friendly dashboard.

My Recommendations for Other Daily Needs

My Booking App Recommendations – My favorite! For design and simplicity, and for also including video meetings, and client notes! The free plan is very generous! This is the one I use – although their paid plans – Yes it’s an affiliate link because I’m also friends with them 🙂 – a bit complicated but the free version is so generous, you’ll probably never need more! (HIPAA compliance and some customizations might worth the monthly subscription too)

My opinion on other
frequently mentioned platforms

Coming soon… but here are some notes for the time… – Lifetime deal, no subscription – By AppSumo – Awesome CRM and business management platform with built in scheduler!

My Social media scheduling and Ads Recommendation


  • – comes highly recommended by my content strategy expert friend Rebecca Van Damm. Look for their Starter plan – it’s not on the storefront and is much cheaper than the Growth plan. And it should be waaay enoughfor a solopreneur running 1 Brand:
  • – Now this is not a scheduling platform, but a platform where you can buy lifetime licences for startup products, and social media scheduling platforms often come up! You can get a access to upcoming but fully functioning platforms for 40-200$ onetime fee! not monthly!

In my experience the best course on LinkedIn and Meta ads (Facebook and Instagram) out there was created by my friend George Kao – Comes Highly recommended by me!


Custom domain emails

Warning about Google workspace: You don’t need the paid google workspace for operating emailaddresses through gmail! It’s great if you’d have a small business with 2-3 teammates with their own emailaddresses, but if you operate alone, it’s overkill, and will give you a lot of frustration (like asking you 100 times daily about “are you sure you want to send this email/share this file with someone outside your organization?” it’s quite maddening to be honest 😀 nad there will be other drawbacks too) You can set the whole thing up with the free gmail, and your domain host. You can also buy extra storage on a free gmail plan, not only that paid one!

Email Newsletters
  •  My go to email newsletter provider! I’ve never seen an easier to use and visually as stunning email newsletter platform! The cons? It’s more expensive to start out with, around 35 USD a month, but then while other providers will charge you more for having more subscribers, you can have thousands here for this same flat fee! This is the best one for solopreneurs and I’ve tested dozens!

If you can afford and will be sending a lot of newsletters absolutely go with fldoesk! it will leave you a lot of frustration!

Other alright platforms, that you can start using even for free

  • – It’s not awesome, a bit clunky, but still among the more usable ones – if you want to go super simple it can host your website too! sure it has limitations but nothing can beat a website + your email newsletter platform for under 15 USD!
  • – this one is a lesser-known but pretty user-friendly alternative I used!
  • – an interesting one where you can run the basics on a lifetime licence for a one-off payment of 49usd! Check out their salespage if the basics are enough for you then it’s a great deal!

Please avoid Mailchimp! it was bought buy a larger company and is just used as a cash-cow with zero innovation, a lot of confusing stuff, and not-so-great support.

My Recommendations for Video and Audio

General Workflow advice

  • I’ve been a filmmaker for 15+ years and worked on some high-end shows (like the 2021 movie Dune) as well as creating my own projects. So I deeply know both high-end and low-budget media creation tools and best practices. (My IMDb link)

    After spending a lot of time on using top-tier professional and consumer video editing products, I must say – there is no such thing as super-easy video editing.

    These programs have too many features or too few, these apps break with your unsaved progress, your video files might not be compatible with them, or just they are too large to handle by simple programs. And I’m just scratching the surface there.

    Now it IS possible to learn simpler tools but it will take you a lot of time and effort.

    1. First think in creating your videos and podcasts without the need of editing. My friend George Kao has two awesome courses on that:
      1. Authentic Video Creation Course – by George Kao
      2. Simple Podcast Creation Course – by George Kao
    2. If you have to do small edits, consider outsourcing the task. There are good editors on or you can hire me for both simple tasks or complex projects.
    3. Only on as the third option should you think about editing your own videos. Resources to help you do that will come here below soon. 👇

    Recording and Cameras

    More to come later but for now:


    • Zoom Clips – Zoom has a feature now where you can record yourself through your webcan without having to launch a meeting to do that. The quality is good, but it’s in beta as of 08.23.2023 – here are some how-to notes on it
    • Iriun or iVCam – these apps make your phone into a webcam. Our phones have sooo much better cameras than any webcam under $300 why would you spend that money if you can buy lifetime licenses for both of these apps for about $10-20?! Remember to use an USB cable and not wi-fi (actually turn off wifi or put your phone in plane-mode) and you’ll have a beautiful and stable webcam signal. I only recommend this to tech savvy people though! As things caaaan go wrong 😀 This is also a good use for your old phones! So it’s a super sustainable solution! =)

    General note on cameras: You can spend on an expensive camera if you’d like to but phones and webcams today are quite good. Organizing your background and creating a nice lighting for both your face and your background is much more important than buying a camera for 1000s of $-s. I’ll have educational material up soon about the lighting and background topic.

    Video Editors

    • Descript  Editing by Text! If you don’t want to learn all the nuts and bolts of classic video editing, this app lets you edit the text transcript of your video, and the video editing is done for you by that. So you just “edit a text doc” and the video editing magically happens. It sure does have a learning curve, but the platform offers built in awesome tutorials!
    • Kapwing – it’s a bit clunky, but it has simpler features and some good resizing and captioning features for a fair monthly subscription price.
    • Filmora – If you are looking for a semi-professional perpetual licence (so no monthly fees) editor, this is the go-to editor for many creators.
    • ShotCut – free and fairly easy to use, I’ll have educational material uploaded about this one soon.
    • iMovie – if you own a mac, this built in app can do a lot for you. I’ll have educational material uploaded about this one.


      • Audacity – the go-to free audio editor. It’s not too visually appealing, but it has decent features. It has a some learning-curve.
      • Garage Band – if you are on a Mac or iPad this can be waaay more than enough for a solopreneur’s creation needs
      • iZotope RX Elements – Hard to beat – top of the industry audio repair standalone-app and plugins! The Essentials suite is around $120 for a lifetime licence, and they have ridiculous (above 50%) sales each black-friday if you want to save more! I bought mine at 70% off a few years ago and ever since I can’t publish video/audio without cleaning up the audio tracks with these first! Make sure to pick the essentials package! the professional suite is priced for studios! 🙂 It does have a learning curve, but it’s not too horrible if you have been playing with audio already. It comes with a standalone app and the same tools as plugins for your video editing tools!

        Professional Editors

        If you want to spend a lot of time editing videos and audio and have a month to spare for learning the how-to – here come the pro tools! =) Definitely not for the average users!

          • DaVinci Resolve – Free and hollywood grade editor, effect and colorgrading tool. Wow you might say – well… it comes with a skyscraper steep learning curve, but it sure is an amazing tool! I’ve been using it for 10 years, and I’m loving it. It’s getting better each year, and yes, a huge amount of hollywood movies you’ve seen used this app in their workflow.
          • Premiere Pro – I’ve been using this sort-of industry standard tool for 15 years. And I must say… I hate it 😀 It’s good, but it is super buggy, and is just getting buggier as it’s getting more advanced – I also don’t like the subscription model Adobe the company behind it is using. You can only subscribe for a minimum of 1 year.
          • Reaper – this one is for professional audio editing and for small creators they offer a 60$ one-off lifetime licence price! you can’t beat that! more feature-rich and more user-friendly than Audacity, but it has a learning curve.


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