Are your tech tools 
not doing what you want them to do?

It sure is frustrating. Tech is supposed to make
your online business easier… not harder, right?

challenges, issues, and mysteries with our…

email, calendar, phone syncing,
passwords, scheduling app,
files, docs, automations,
websites, social media ads
… etc.

…slows our online business down

Don’t worry if you can’t seem to easily figure these things out.

Digital tools are changing very fast these days.
This is sadly the kind of “new normal”.

What worked yesterday might not work today.
And the why of it is often tricky to diagnose.

Above all that, your business is evolving too! So you need new tools or digital workflows from time to time.

Which means: learning a bunch of stuff again and again from scratch.

Hey, I’m Peter and I help online businesses with their tech challenges. 🙂

Even if you don’t feel confident in the digital realm

You are in a safe space here!

I love working with those who found other tech courses or instructors too fast or impatient for them.

Seeing clients who previously
felt lost in an area of the digital world
start moving confidently in it is priceless!

What I CAN
help you with



  • Email systems
  • Website Domains
  • Tweaking existing websites
  • Accepting payments online
  • Basic automations
  • Scheduling solutions
  • Office tools, docs, spreadsheets, presentations
  • Creating/editing images
  • Creating/editing videos
  • Mailing list systems
  • Finding the best tools for your need/budget
  • Conferencing tools
  • Password management systems
  • Todo systems


Specific tools

This is not a complete list, so feel free to ask.

  • Google products
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads tools
  • Slideshows, Spreadsheets, Documents
  • Dropbox
  • LastPass
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Acuity, Calendly, etc.
  • Domain registrars
  • Zapier, (formerly: Integromat)
  • PayPal, Stripe
  • Canva
  • Zoom

What I unfortunately
help you with


  • Design a website from scratch
    – But I am happy to customize design templates for you!
  • Advanced SEO
    – But I can help you with the basics.
  • Advanced tasks with Google Analytics
    and Facebook Pixel tools
    – But I can show you or fix the basics!
  • Digital Ads Strategy
    – But I can recommand people for that though!
  • Do things for you without your presence
    – There are exceptions to this though.

In finding solutions for your challenges…

…my approach is a partnering one.

Some tech experts unknowingly force their own solutions on their clients.

But I believe you know what kind of solution you are looking for and how the solution should feel.

You know what you are comfortable with, you know what you already know, you know your personal style.

Sure, sometimes there is only one solution especially if the technical problem is complex.
But when there are options… You are in charge 🙂 I’m just helping out.

I’m a trained coach as well. Probably that’s why I approach tech in a similar way.

Even helping with tech stuff needs a personal connection

Here is a small sample

To see whether you resonate with my presence or not


What People Are Saying

I’m here to tell you Péter is absolutely brilliant at this. I came to him a bundle of anxiety about some tech challenges I was having, and he treated me like the intelligent, competent adult that I am, which calmed my fears and allowed me to learn.
Péter is pure joy to work with.”

Pam Sourelis, MA, MFA

Developmental Editor, Writers' Coach,

“Peter is one of the few service providers I often and happily recommend. 👍
He knows his stuff, is a joy to work with, and keeps his fees quite affordable compared to others with his skills and care.
My only concern is that once the word gets out about him, he won’t have time for my projects anymore 😅 but I don’t care, I still talk about him all the time! 🙌
George Kao

Authentic Business Coach,

“Working with Peter has been a joy. Many times when solving the technical issues, which usually feels lousy, I never feel alone or worried because Peter always tries to dig deeper or find alternatives. He is very exploratory and great at navigating where the problems are. Peter is also very patient and a good listener that you can feel safe and supported around his presence. I highly recommend working with him!”

Grace Yang

Co-founder of Jen Yang Metamorphosis Co., Ltd,

Let's talk!

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