Technical Services for Solopreneurs

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2022 Services and prices

Technical help and Tutoring

Websites, logos, images, videos, social media, ads, tracking and statistics… These are challenges you almost certainly have to face for solopreneur and side-businesses.

From simply figuring out why something is not working, through helping you decide on which gear/software or freelancer to pick, to actually teaching you a software or workflow… I’m at your service.

To fit any tricky schedule you might have, we can also do these real-time with remote help/video call, or we can do these asynchronously via video messages, etc. 

We start with a free 15min discussion of your challenge to see if I’m the best person to help you.


“I’d need a website, could you help?” “Which camera should I buy for my videos?” “How did you do those social media ads?” “Could you teach me how to edit this video?” “How can I add text to this photo of mine?” “Can you help me create a simple logo?”

I was getting these questions a lot, because of my 20 years creative background, and my work in film industry for the past decade.

So I decided to add help with these to my services.

Challenges I can definitely help you with:
(Doing it with you, for you, or teaching you how to do.)

Social Media

  • Social media ads, accounts and audience research


  • Websites (especially WordPress, managing domains and storage providers)
  • Fixing WordPress page-speed issues
  • Initializing tracking tools like Google analytics, etc.
  • Setting up email accounts from your domain (eg. emails to arrive to your gmail/outlook etc.)


  • What gear to buy for your video/audio content
  • How to edit videos (even some effects for advanced users 🙂 )
  • Brainstorming visuals (logos, websites, visual identities)
  • Simple logos, graphics and images with texts
  • Which freelancer to hire for a creative job?

Data & Software

  • Finding software solutions that fit your budget and needs
  • Automating things (especially with Zapier and Integromat)
    (eg. automatically sending course materials after an online payment)
  • Creating advanced spreadsheets for tracking data etc.

– 60min for 50$
– discounts for ongoing service

Editing video or images

Want to learn how to edit video or images, or want to delegate the parts you don’t enjoy? Or just having technical problems during the process?

  • Editing your video content (even ongoingly if needed)
    • finetune the image (brightness, contrast, composition, shaking, etc) and the audio (hums in the background, noises, pops, reverbs)
    • editing out mistakes, restarted segments or unneeded parts
    • combining multiple takes
  • Publishing your ongoing video content on Facebook/Instagram/Youtube/Vimeo/LinkedIn/your website/ etc.
    • Adding preview images
    • Adding text/article that you provide
    • Setting titles
  • Breaking down a long video into digestible chunks
  • Editing and organizing course material recorded on video

    Pricing depends on many factors here, but most tasks can be solved even under 50$ Reach out for a specific price 🙂

    Single Session Coaching

    Coaching is the ultimate help for your side quest journey. As a certified coach, I’m ready to help you with my light, fun-loving approach, and a lot of ongoing support with check-ins.

    A single session is best for those in urgent need to solve a challenge, or those who just want some ongoing coaching after the 3-months program.

    Haven’t met yet? We start with a free 40min session to see if we’re a good fit.


    I was trained in, and keeping myself to the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) standards. Which are ethical and professional guidelines, created by the world’s largest coach association.

    Strict confidentiality is one if these.

    80 USD

    1x 60min Coaching Session
    15 days message support