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Tools and Services I Recommend

Website Hosting

For domains and self-hosted websites like WordPress

  • FastComet
    • They have a reasonable pricing, unlike other providers who hook you up with cheap first years and then raise their prices to the sky.
    • They have a first-class Support team.
    • I have been using them for 10 years.
    • Links:
      • My affiliate link if you want to support me (does not change the price for you): FastComet
      • Normal link for non-affiliate success: FastComet

Scheduling tools

Both of these are not the most feature-rich apps, but I rarely needed those extra features, so why would I pay for them?

  • Appointlet
  • Calendly
    • The one I am using now
    • I love the design of it
    • Quite affordable
    • Ability to copy available timeslots into an email
    • Calendly Website