Tech Tasks done for you

There are tasks you don’t need to learn about,
they just need to be done

I love working one-on-one with my clients, but some tasks are needed to be done once or in the background.

The ways I can help you

Available Services

Google office services setup

Custom domain email address, Drive, Calendar, Contacts,
Google-Workspace, Photos

Nowadays to have a fully integrated solopreneur office space with cloud backup is the easiest to achieve through google’s products.

All your documents, spreadsheets, email, appointments, photos, are synced, and backed up all the time. If you had trouble with other office solutions before, and are considering moving everything over to a unified Google workspace. This package is for you.

This process will require your presence as well, as things need to be highly customized, and access is needed to a lot of places. You just don’t need to learn any of this 🙂 these tasks are needed to be done only once. Migrating all your emails/contacts/etc. data is included.

$150 or less

Social Media Marketing

If you’d like to outsource your advertising, I can only help you in one way. With George Kao’s authentic content marketing method.

If you are not familiar with it, please learn more about it first. I can only help you with this methodology, because only this one feels aligned with my point of view 🙂

You will be creating your content. And I will be running facebook and/or instagram paid distribution to spread it. This way I can lift the technical side of spreading your content off of your shoulder.

What this process consists of:

  • Monthly call – to finetune targeting strategy
  • Setting up target audiences together
  • Relevant insights and results emailed to you
  • Tracking relevant metrics for you
  • Running Warm and Cool audience ads.

Custom pricing based on requirements