Setup or
Tweaking for

building your tech systems collaboratively, together

What can I help you with?

I help my clients design and build a simple and efficient system out of these complex and confusing toolsets and options.

I do this together with you. We co-create.

I’m not the type of expert who will just tell you what to do. I’ll listen and brainstorm with you – give you my input and experience, so you can make a good decision.

I’m also not the type of expert who will just do things for you without you being present, without your realtime feedback. Every now and then I might have to do small things for you that way, but that is the rare exception.

Working together on a live call will speed things up, give you greater creative control, and a deeper understanding of your tech systems.
(Not to mention that it will be faster, thus cheaper for you, without the back-and-forth emailing.)

  • Websites
  • Social media profiles and advertising
  • Booking systems and calendars for appointments – and linked private and business calendars
  • A reliable storage system that’s easy to search in, for your biz and tax documents, to-dos, files, projects, media, notes, courses, etc.
  • Private, business, and newsletter email systems
  • An online payment system
  • Hardware and software systems for creating video, audio and image content
  • Systems for delivering your services online – via live video calls or in the form of pre-recorded video lessons on a Course platform.

It’s also important to mention here that most people won’t need all of these tools listed here in their lives, and a business that’s just starting out certainly (contrary to popular beliefs) doesn’t need all of these at once. I am happy to guide and help you decide what you actually need, and what is just wasting your time, energy, and money.

    I work with both Solopreneurs  who run everything alone in their own business,

    as well as Solopreneurs who have a team to run the day-to-day operations.

    What I provide:

    2 Distinct Ways to Go

    Tweaking your existing systems and tools

    A really good example I often help with
    are solopreneurs’ websites.
    We usually have our websites professionally designed and then keep adding to them ourselves as our business develops. Which is a natural process.

    After a while though, this usually leads to feeling the need for a new website.
    But that would cost thousands of dollars and months in time.

    Many clients of mine were surprised by how much we were able to alter their exiting websites with some tech and design tweaks, to make it look good and relevant again.

    And the same is true for your mailing list, scheduling app, course page, payment systems, etc.

    Frequently you don’t need a new system or platform,
    you just need to revisit the setup of your existing ones.

    Transfering to a new system takes it’s toll in energy, frustration, time and money, and usually we do not have the option to spend all those right now. And we don’t have to.

    Setting systems up from scratch

    Setting up a new system from scratch, or transfering from a system we used to use, is costly. The currencies we use to pay for it is not just money. It is usually a lot of frustration, a lot of time, a lot of learning, so it takes a lot of emotional, mental, and physical capacity as well.

    You can’t just do these any time, I always recommend planning these large transitions/projects waay ahead. When there is a low season in your business, and have the mental capacity to learn something new.

    Sure I’ll be there for you to set things up, but we are setting this up for you (or your team) to operate.

    These projects usually span from weeks to months, and so I offer my deepest discounts for it. 🙂

    Some of my clients are happy to set these new systems up for themselves, and they turn to me for additional advice, inspiration and insights only every now and then while they are working on these big projects.


    What People Are Saying

    "I'm here to tell you Péter is absolutely brilliant at this. I came to him a bundle of anxiety about some tech challenges I was having, and he treated me like the intelligent, competent adult that I am, which calmed my fears and allowed me to learn.
    Péter is pure joy to work with."

    Pam Sourelis, MA, MFA

    Developmental Editor, Writers' Coach,

    "Peter is one of the few service providers I often and happily recommend. 👍
    He knows his stuff, is a joy to work with, and keeps his fees quite affordable compared to others with his skills and care.
    My only concern is that once the word gets out about him, he won't have time for my projects anymore 😅 but I don't care, I still talk about him all the time! 🙌"
    George Kao

    Authentic Business Coach,

    "Working with Peter has been a joy. Many times when solving the technical issues, which usually feels lousy, I never feel alone or worried because Peter always tries to dig deeper or find alternatives. He is very exploratory and great at navigating where the problems are. Peter is also very patient and a good listener that you can feel safe and supported around his presence. I highly recommend working with him!"

    Grace Yang

    Co-founder of Jen Yang Metamorphosis Co., Ltd,

    "Péter is a fu***ng tech wizard who just saved me so much pain on calendars that wouldn't sync. Praise the lord. In 30 minutes, he helped me solve something I don't think I would have ever figured out or, if I had, it would have been ten hours later which is an insane opportunity cost. It's the second time he's helped me solve the unsolvable and do the impossible. Can't. Recommend. Him. Highly. Enough."

    Tad Hargrave

    Business Coach,

    What I CAN
    help you with



    • Email systems
    • Website Domains
    • Building Simple Websites
    • Tweaking existing websites
    • Accepting payments online
    • Basic automations
    • Scheduling and Booking solutions
    • Calendars
    • Course platforms
    • Office tools, docs, spreadsheets, presentations
    • Creating/editing images
    • Creating/editing videos
    • Mailing list systems
    • Finding the best tools for your need/budget
    • Conferencing tools
    • Password management systems
    • Todo systems


    Specific tools

    This is not a complete list, so feel free to ask.


    • Mailchimp, MailerLite, Flodesk, etc.
    • WordPress, Squarespace, etc.
    • Acuity, Calendly, Introwise,, etc.
    • LearnDash, Podia, Simplero, Mighty Networks, etc.
    • Domain registrars
    • Zapier,
    • PayPal, Stripe
    • Canva
    • Zoom
    • Google products
    • Facebook and Instagram Ads tools
    • Slideshows, Spreadsheets, Documents
    • Dropbox
    • LastPass

    What I unfortunately
    help you with


    • Design or Build a website from scratch
      - But tweaking and troubleshooting your existing website IS something I provide! 🙂
    • Advanced SEO
      - But I can help you with the basics.
    • Advanced tasks with Google Analytics
      and Facebook Pixel tools
      - But I can show you or fix the basics!
    • Digital Ads Strategy
      - But I can recommend awesome people to do that for you!
    • Do things for you without your presence
      - There are rare exceptions to this though. And I also have people I can recommend to you if delegating tasks ongoingly is what you are looking for.

    After we put out any burning tech issues that are making you lose money, time, or energy, I help you come out of tech overwhelm, and rebuild your confidence in your own tech skills. (Even if you think you don’t have any 😉)

    And if you need more than just problemsolving, together we redesign and simplify your tech systems, and tailor it to you.

    I don’t just do these for you, and hand it over when I’m ready – but we go into the why of your tech requirements, figure out together what you personally actually need, how you need it, see the productivity side of the whole thing, and we design and customize things and systems together.

    My Process

    My Philosophy

    Unfortunately standard tech solutions are usually being “forced” on clients by experts or by large corporation’s mainstream marketing.

    I offer customized solutions, taking into account your business as a whole, and you as a person.

    It’s actually normal.

    Did you know that professional programmers spend most of their work-hours not understanding what is happening in front of them?

    So don’t worry. 

    I help my clients with a patient, encouraging, partnering approach, that is customized to their personal learning styles.

    I’m a trained coach as well. Probably that’s why I approach tech help and consulting in a similar way.


    It’s OK to feel
    lost in tech

    Even helping with tech stuff needs a personal connection

    Here is a small sample

    To see whether you resonate with my presence or not

    What I provide:

    Ways we can work together

    Virtual Coffee Chat

    30min - no charge

    Let's get to know each other,
    discuss your challenges,
    and see if we are a good fit to start working together.

    One-off sessions

    55 USD/60min 
    30 USD/30min

    The best solution for one-off problem-solving issues that just randomly appeared or for smaller projects.

    Problem-solving, setting up or slightly altering:
    Webpages, Booking services, Course platforms and material, Creating/editing videos/photos, Moving data between platforms, Digital Decluttering etc.

    An affordable pay-as-you-go
    55 USD/long or 30 USD/short session pricing makes this offer useful for occasional help or consultation.

    Having me "on your team"

     45 USD/hour

    This is what most of my clients do.
    Solo-preneurship doesn't mean you need to do everything on your own. 

    Most of my clients spend between a couple of hours to 20+ hours a month working with me on the tech and media tasks and challenges of their businesses.

    We put out any burning fires that came up since we last met. We work on expanding, aligning or simplifying the digital toolsets and processes they are using at the moment, and we typically work on some project tasks as well - two typical examples of these are: tweaking or rebuilding their websites, or creating and uploading some course materials.

    My clients also frequently find that during our live sessions they feel more confident doing tasks they usually dread, either because they are difficult, complex, or just boring. So we cover a lot of those as well together. 

    I have sweet deals to help you this way:

    If we work a lot together let's discuss moving you over to hourly pricing at 45USD/hour.

    VIP Days

    135 USD/4 hours
    in one go + 15 min break

    Ideal for kickstarting big projects, and creating fast change in your digital systems. 🙂 It's also easier on your schedule, you just dedicate half a day for that big tech change, and then you can forget about it 🙂

    Available times are a better fit for Eastern and Central time or EU time.

    The pricing on this is pretty much as good as it can get 🙂

    Let's talk!

    Reach out to me, and let's meet for a virtual coffee! ☕

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